Ponte Vasco da Gama

Parque das Nações

Vanishing into a watery distance, the Vasco da Gama Bridge is Europe’s longest, stretching 17.2km across the Rio Tejo.

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1. Torre Vasco da Gama


No, that's not Dubai! Shaped like the sail of explorer Vasco da Gama’s mighty caravel, this 145m-high, concrete-and-steel skyscraper was designed by…

2. Jardim Garcia de Orta

0.98 MILES

Bristling with exotic foliage from Portugal’s former colonies, the Garcia de Orta Garden is named after a 16th-century Portuguese naturalist and pioneer…

3. Feira Internacional de Lisboa

1.06 MILES

Designed by Portuguese architects Barreiros Ferreira and França Dória, the striking, crystalline FIL is Lisbon’s premier venue for exhibitions and trade…

4. Caminho da Água

1.22 MILES

Portuguese muralist Rigo designed this splash-happy boardwalk. Watch blue-mosaic volcanoes erupt spontaneously or relax on one of the wave-shaped benches…

5. Gare do Oriente

1.37 MILES

Designed by acclaimed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the space-age Gare do Oriente is an extraordinary vaulted structure, with slender columns…

6. Oceanário de Lisboa

1.58 MILES

The closest you’ll get to scuba diving without a wetsuit, Oceanário is mind-blowing. With 8000 marine creatures splashing in 7 million litres of seawater,…

7. Pavilhão do Conhecimento

1.67 MILES

Kids won’t grumble about science at the interactive Pavilhão do Conhecimento, where they can run riot in the adult-free unfinished house, get dizzy on a…

8. Museu de Lisboa Palácio Pimenta

3.99 MILES

Set in an 18th-century palace, this museum shows the city's history and diverse cultural influences from prehistoric times to the early 20th century…