Praia da Bordeira


Bordered by a river on its southern side that often forms a shallow warm-water lagoon, beautiful Praia da Bordeira is a mammoth swathe of sand merging into dunes. It's 1.7km northwest of town.

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2. Praia do Amado

2.08 MILES

Known for its exposed, left- and right-handed beach breaks that work year-round, surfer favourite Praia do Amado is 2.3km southwest of the town square.

3. Praia de Vale Figueira

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One of the more remote west-coast beaches, this wide, magnificent stretch of sand has an ethereal beauty, backed by stratified cliffs hazy in the ocean…

4. Ruinas da Fortaleza de Arrifana

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A boardwalk leads through the remaining gate of this 1635-built fortress. Largely wiped out by the tsunami following the 1755 earthquake, the fortress was…

5. Praia da Arrifana

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Embraced by cliffs, this seductive crescent-shaped cove 10km southwest of Aljezur has a small fishing harbour and an offshore pinnacle. It's wildly…

6. Parque Zoológico de Lagos

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This zoo is a shady 3-hectare kid-pleaser, with many small primates and a children’s farm housing domestic animals. There are 150 different species in all…

7. Castelo

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On the site of an Iron Age fort, the polygonal castle was built by the Moors in the 10th century, conquered by the Christians in 1249, then abandoned in…

8. Casa Museu Pintor José Cercas

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This quaint house belonged to Portuguese painter José Cercas (1914–92) who left his home and belongings – a collection of furniture, artworks and personal…