Opera Leśna


In a wooded hilly area of the town stands the Opera Leśna, an amphitheatre that seats 5000 people and is host to the prestigious August International Sopot Festival, a Eurovision-style song contest and festival famous across Central and Eastern Europe. Check the website for the summer program, which often includes big names from Eastern Europe and the odd illustrious name of yesteryear from the West.

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Nearby Sopot attractions

1. Ulica Bohaterów Monte Cassino

0.84 MILES

Sopot’s unavoidable spine is 'Heroes of Monte Cassino' Street, an attractive and invariably crowded mall stretching from the railway line to the pier…

2. Crooked House


The warped, modern Crooked House is a typical piece of postcommunist architectural experimentation and well worth investigating. Concealed within its twin…

3. Tightrope Walker Statue

0.92 MILES

While ambling your way along ul Bohaterów Monte Cassino towards the sea, take a right into ul Bema to see one of the most unusual statues in the Tri-City…

4. Grand Hotel

0.98 MILES

North of the pier is the landmark 1927 Grand Hotel, adjoining the long waterfront spa park that first popularised the town.

5. Art Gallery

1.03 MILES

Funded by the town of Sopot, this glitzy but little-visited art gallery within the Dom Zdrojowy (Spa House) has changing exhibitions of mostly Polish art …

6. Dom Zdrojowy

1.03 MILES

Take the glazed lift to the 3rd floor of this spa house to enjoy a free sip of Sopot’s natural, mineral-rich spring water that comes from a tap in the…

7. Pier

1.19 MILES

At the end of Monte Cassino, beyond Plac Zdrojowy, is the famous Molo, Europe’s longest wooden pier, built in 1928 and jutting 515m out into the Bay of…

8. Sopot Museum

1.33 MILES

At the southern end of the beachfront in a grand old villa, the Sopot Museum showcases 19th-century furniture and fittings, including some enormous,…