Talmudic House

Mazovia & Podlasie

Standing opposite the synagogue, this small structure dates to 1772. It houses an annex of the Tykocin Museum and is where you buy tickets. The permanent exhibition recreates the life and work of Zygmunt Bujnowski, a local painter who achieved some fame before his death in 1927. There is also a reconstructed one-room pharmacy and various special exhibitions. The audioguide is essential for bringing the exhibits to life.

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1. Tykocin Museum

0.03 MILES

Tykocin's former synagogue, erected in 1642, is considered to be the best-preserved Jewish house of worship in Poland and is an extraordinary window into…

2. Narew National Park

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Protects an unusual stretch of the Narew River that's nicknamed the 'Polish Amazon', where the river splits into dozens of channels that spread out across…

3. Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit

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Begun in the early 1980s, this monumental building is Poland's largest Orthodox church. The huge central onion-shaped dome is topped with a large cross …

4. Cytron Synagogue

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Before WWII, central Białystok had 60 synagogues serving a population of over 40,000 Jews, or about half of the city's population. Only three synagogue…

5. Girl With a Water Can Mural

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This four-storey high mural of a little girl appearing to water an actual tree has become a Białystok icon. It was painted by Natalia Rak in 2013 and has…

7. Podlasie Museum

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Rebuilt after WWII and modelled on the 1745 original, the town hall houses this museum. It features a modest collection of Polish paintings on the ground…

8. Rynek Kościuszki

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Białystok's focal point, the much-rebuilt Rynek is an odd trapezoidal shape. Important buildings from the city's past have been reconstructed here,…