Lesko's impressive former synagogue is the only one of five to survive WWII. Built in the Mannerist style in the mid-17th century, it has an attached tower – evidence that it was once part of the town’s fortifications. Little of the temple’s original interior decoration has survived, and it now houses a seasonal art gallery, showcasing work from the Bieszczady.

In the entryway is a list of towns and shtetls in the region with Jewish populations of more than 100, a poignant reminder of what the make-up of the region was before the Nazis arrived.

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1. Jewish Cemetery

0.11 MILES

Before WWII, Jews accounted for two-thirds of Lesko's population. This moving cemetery, dating back to the mid-16th century, has more than 2000…

2. Parish Church of Our Lady

0.14 MILES

Lesko's very pretty parish church, the oldest in Bieszczady, stands northwest of the centre of town. It was built in 1539 and its exterior still retains…

3. Franciscan Church of the Holy Cross

8.34 MILES

At the southeast corner of the Rynek is the Franciscan Church of the Holy Cross, the town’s oldest. The interior and exterior are in baroque style and…

4. Historical Museum

8.38 MILES

Housed in the Renaissance-style castle, this museum is best known for its 700-piece collection of Ruthenian icons. The selection consists of about 260…

5. Sanok Castle

8.39 MILES

The 16th-century Renaissance-style fortress you see today is built over the foundations of a 14th-century Gothic castle that itself replaced the wooden…

6. Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

8.44 MILES

The neoclassical Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity was built in 1784 and initially served the Uniat congregation. The main door behind the grill is left…

7. Lake Solina

8.52 MILES

Lake Solina (Jezioro Solińskie), a reservoir 27km long and 60m deep, was created in 1968 when the San River was dammed. Poland's largest artificial lake,…

8. Museum of Folk Architecture

9.03 MILES

Sanok’s Museum of Folk Architecture is Poland’s largest skansen (open-air museum of traditional architecture). You’ll find around 120 historic buildings…