Chapel in Wielkopolska

If you are visiting Rogalin's extravagant Palace Museum, one more place to see is the chapel, built in the 1820s to serve as a mausoleum for the Raczyński family. It’s a replica of the Roman temple known as the Maison Carrée in Nîmes, southern France. It lies 300m east of the entrance to the palace grounds. If you'd like to visit outside of regular opening hours, book ahead.

Depending on whether you visit on a weekday or Saturday (it's barely possible by public transport on a Sunday), there are two ways to reach Rogalin from Poznań. A direct PKS bus leaves the bus station in Poznań on Saturday at 10.30am (11.30zł, 45 minutes). One returns to Poznań just before 4pm. Check these times with the bus information office at the bus station before setting out.

To get to Rogalin from Poznań on a weekday, take a train to the Poznań satellite town of Mosina (6.50zł, 25 minutes, hourly) and change there to bus 699 to Rogalin (3.20zł, 25 minutes). A 9.40am train to Mosina connects with a 10:30am bus to Rogalin. Bus 699 leaves Rogalin in the late afternoon at 4.27pm. The tourist information office at Poznań Główny train station can help with planning.