Laguna Grande

South Coast

Located around 34km, or an hour's drive, south of the reserve entrance, this remote village has a large inlet protected by a peninsula sand bar that offers optimal conditions for kitesurfing. The village here has no electricity, water or cellular coverage and is a good place to observe the traditional way of life on the peninsula.

Local legend has it that convicts that escape from jail all over the region head here to hide out from the authorities; needless to say pitching a tent nearby is not a great idea.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby South Coast attractions

1. La Catedral

14.81 MILES

This local landmark just south of Playa Yumaque was once a majestic natural arch that jutted out into the sea but was destroyed by the 2007 earthquake…

2. Playa Yumaque

16.35 MILES

The reserve protrudes south a fair few kilometers below the Paracas Peninsula. Dirt roads branch off just east of Lagunillas to Yumaque Beach where there…

3. Playa La Mina

16.4 MILES

This beach is a short drive or walk south of Lagunillas on a dirt road and has gentle waters that make it the best swimming area in the reserve…

4. Punta Arquillo

16.6 MILES

Just before the Lagunillas turnoff, a spur road branches off the main La Mina road and heads to the southwest for a few kilometers to a parking area near…

5. Lagunillas

17.42 MILES

Turkey vultures feast on the washed-up remains of yesterday’s marine carcasses on the lonely beach at Lagunillas, 5km south of the visitor centre, where a…

6. Playa Roja

17.73 MILES

This narrow bay southwest of the visitor center features a peculiar reddish sand that contrasts dramatically with the low yellowish cliffs behind and the…

7. Museo Julio C Tello

19.22 MILES

Right next to the park visitor center, in front of the Paracas Necropolis burial grounds on Cerro Colorado, this recently expanded museum features…

8. Centro de Interpretación

19.25 MILES

Located 1.5km south of the entry point to Reserva Nacional de Paracas, this visitor center seems to be aimed for the most part at school groups rather…