Iglesia de Santo Domingo


The church of Santo Domingo is next door to Qorikancha. Less baroque and ornate than many of Cuzco’s churches, it is notable for its charming paintings of archangels depicted as Andean children in jeans and T-shirts. Opening hours are erratic.

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1. Qorikancha

0.02 MILES

If you visit only one Cuzco site, make it these Inca ruins forming the base of the colonial church and convent of Santo Domingo. Once the richest temple…

2. Museo del Sitio de Qorikancha


There are sundry moth-bitten archaeological displays interpreting Inca and pre-Inca cultures at this small, mangy, underground archaeological museum,…

3. Iglesia y Monasterio de Santa Catalina


This convent houses many colonial paintings of the escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school), as well as an impressive collection of vestments and other intricate…

4. Museo Machu Picchu


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5. Museo Quijote

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6. Museo de Arte Popular

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7. Iglesia de La Compañía de Jesús

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Built upon the palace of Huayna Cápac, the last inca to rule an undivided, unconquered empire, the church was built by the Jesuits in 1571 and…

8. Museo de Historia Natural

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This university-run natural history museum houses a somewhat motley collection of stuffed local animals and birds and over 150 snakes from the Amazon. The…