Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula


This white two-towered church dating from 1716 has interesting floral flourishes near the cupolas of its bell towers.

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1. Prefectura

0.06 MILES

Most of Ayacucho's old mansions are now mainly political offices and can be visited, usually during business hours. These offices of the department of…

2. Museo de Arte Popular

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Displays popular art covering the ayacucheño (natives of Ayacucho) spectrum – silverwork, rug- and tapestry-weaving, stone and woodcarvings, ceramics …

3. Plaza de Armas

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One of the prettiest plazas in the Central Andes, flanked by many gorgeous mansions, including the Prefectura. Ask at the tourist office for details on…

4. Templo Compañía de Jesús

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This church has two fine bell towers and, in the body of the structure supporting them, striking embossings and motifs. It sits on the site of its 1605…

6. Iglesia de Santo Domingo

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One of Ayacucho's most photogenic churches, dating from 1548. Purportedly built with the stone of a former Inca fortress, it contains some superb examples…

8. Cathedral

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This spectacular 17th-century cathedral on the Plaza de Armas has a religious-art museum inside. The moody facade doesn’t quite prepare you for the…