North Coast

The poshest of the beach towns near Chiclayo, Pimentel has a long pier, a broad malecón (boardwalk) fronted by high-end, glassed-in houses, and the nicest beach for miles. Unfortunately the waves here are rarely surfable – conversely they are highly swimmable – but an afternoon stroll along the boardwalk and through some of the stick-frame, centuries-old houses is a fun retreat. If you plan on spending the night outside Chiclayo, there are more facilities here than in neighboring villages.

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Nearby North Coast attractions

1. Santa Rosa


A more modern set of ruins than the nearby pre-Hispanic sites, this rough, dilapidated fishing village is organic, pungent, powerful and quite entrancing…

2. Paseo de las Musas

7.66 MILES

This pleasant, narrow city park, a short walk south of the main plaza, showcases classical-style statues of mythological figures.

3. Puerto Etén


Sporting a pleasant malecón (boardwalk), a long, honey-brown beach and slightly muddied waters, this little village is just 20 minutes from Chiclayo…

4. Cathedral

8.14 MILES

This cathedral was built in the late 19th century. In contrast the Plaza de Armas (Parque Principal) wasn’t inaugurated until 1916, which gives an idea of…

5. Mercado Modelo

8.29 MILES

This is one of Peru’s most interesting markets, sprawling over several blocks. Most notable for tourists is the mercado de brujos (witch doctors’ market)…

6. Brüning Museum

9.49 MILES

This museum, once the regional archaeological showcase, is now overshadowed by the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán, but it still houses an excellent…

7. Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán

9.52 MILES

Opened in November 2002, the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán is the pride of northern Peru – as well it should be. With its burgundy pyramid…

8. La Casa de Logia

9.56 MILES

La Casa de Logia, a block south of the main plaza, is a crumbling mansion with a 67m-long, 400-year-old balcony, said to be the longest colonial balcony…