Santuario Histórico Bosque de Pomac

North Coast

About 22km north of Ferreñafe, a minor road leads to the Sicán ruins of Batán Grande, a major archaeological site where about 50 pyramids have been identified and several burials have been excavated. The site lies within the Santuario Histórico Bosque de Pomac, which is both an archaeological and a nature destination. The area is huge, with an average walking tour taking around five hours, but it's also possible to complete the loop with bicycles or in a mototaxi.

The protected reserve incorporates one of the largest dry tropical forests on the continent and hosts more than 50 species of birds; healthy stands of algarrobo (carob tree) offer beautiful shade along the way. Pick up a map in iPerú in Chiclayo before setting out. Guides are available for S30 per group. Bicycles can be rented at the visitor center for S20.

Combis to Batán Grande leave from Chiclayo’s Terminal de Microbuses Epsel (S5, 45 minutes). Ask the driver to let you off at the 'Entrada de Bosque de Pomac,' which is on a curve in the highway before Batán Grande town. It's also possible to access the area from the western side of the reserve on horseback rides organized through Rancho Santana in Pacora, about 45km northeast of Chiclayo.

Organized tours from Chiclayo combine a visit to the Santuario with the Museo Nacional Sicán for S40, including guide and transport.