Callejón del Solar


This magical neighborhood lane is Arequipa's most picturesque with radiant white sillar (volcanic rock) houses – people really live here – and pavers, trellis-covered park benches and pots spilling over with flowers. It could easily pass as the tidy set for 'Arequipa: The Stage Production' but has somehow managed to stay off the tourist radar. At night teenagers and lovers are drawn to the privacy of this city oasis; some gates are locked.

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1. Iglesia de San Agustín

0.15 MILES

This baroque church was originally constructed in 1575, destroyed in an earthquake in 1868 and then rebuilt by the end of that century. The exterior is…

4. Casa de Moral

0.19 MILES

This stylized baroque house built in 1730 is named after the 200-year-old mulberry tree in its central courtyard. Owned by the bank BCP since 2003 it is…

5. Casona Iriberry

0.21 MILES

It's worth a peek inside this casona (large house); the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) is located within its 18th-century colonial halls and…

6. Museo de la Catedral

0.23 MILES

A must for visitors who want to see more of Arequipa's cathedral, the included 45-minute bilingual tour of this 'museum' is actually a peek at the inner…

7. Museo Santuarios Andinos

0.23 MILES

There’s an escalating drama to this theatrically presented museum, dedicated to the preserved body of a frozen ‘mummy,’ and its compulsory guided tour …

8. Plaza de Armas

0.25 MILES

Arequipa’s main plaza, unblemished by modern interference, is a museum of the city’s sillar (volcanic rock) architecture – white, muscular and…