Amazon Basin

The best-protected tract of the world’s most biodiverse forest, the strange, sweltering, seductive country-within-a-country that is Peru’s Amazon Basin is changing. Its vastness and impenetrability have long protected its indigenous communities and diverse wildlife from external eyes. Tribes exist here that have never had contact with outside civilization, and more flora and fauna flourish in one rainforest hectare than in any European country.

But as the 21st century encroaches on this enticing expanse of arboreal wilderness, exploitation of the rainforest’s abundant resources threatens to irreversibly damage it. Sure: the Peruvian Amazon offers phenomenal wildlife-spotting, dalliances into untamed forest from the jungle’s best selection of lodges and raucous city life. But it also begs for ongoing protection. Remember that as forging through it by rough road and raging river, you emulate the explorers who first brought international attention to this region.

To maximise wildlife-viewing, visit during the dry season (July to October).

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Amazon Basin.