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But as the 21st century encroaches on this enticing expanse of arboreal wilderness, exploitation of the rainforest’s abundant resources threatens to irreversibly damage it. Sure: the Peruvian Amazon offers phenomenal wildlife-spotting, dalliances into untamed forest from the jungle’s best selection of lodges and raucous city life. But it also begs for ongoing protection. Remember that as, forging through it by rough road and raging river, you emulate the explorers who first brought international attention to this region.

To maximise wildlife-viewing, visit during the dry season (July to October).

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$270 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour at Sinchicuy Lodge

Enjoy three days and two nights at the Sinchicuy Lodge in the beautiful Amazon on this tour from Iquitos! You'll be transferred from the Iquitos International Airport by your guide to a speedboat on the Amazon River, one of the world's largest rivers. Your 3-day adventure begins with a canoe ride to Nueno Pero, a small Yagua community. Tour the Santa Maria del Ojeal farmlands, enjoy early-morning bird watching, take a motorboat cruise along the Amazon River, and hike through the jungle. Discover unique plants and wildlife while learning about the habitat and ecosystems of the Amazon with your expert guide.See the Itinerary field below for a more detailed tour description.

$460 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure at Heliconia Lodge

Spend three days in the Amazon Jungle on this exciting Iquitos adventure! You'll be picked up at the Iquitos International Airport and whisked away to the Heliconia Lodge by speedboat on an approximately 1.5-hour ride. Located on the Amazon River, Heliconia Lodge is where you'll sleep and eat all your meals. Your three days in Iquitos will be busy, yet fun! Hike into the Yanamono Reserve, cruise down the Amazon River, enjoy early-morning bird watching, visit a small riverside town, interact with locals, spot native tropical wildlife and more!See the Itinerary field below for a more detailed tour description.

$375 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Amazon Jungle Small-Group Tour

ItineraryDay 1: Day 1 : Arrival To The Lodge And Caiman Cocha (Ecoamazonia) Stop At: Tambopata Reserve Tours, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios RegionDay 1 : Arrival To The Lodge And Caiman Cocha (Ecoamazonia)Overnight in Amazon (Altitude: 500 m. - 1640 ft)Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado, Peru’s capital of biodiversity, we will welcome you at the airport.Then, we’ll start our program by visiting the city on a bus. Then, we will go to Puerto Capitanía, the port where our riverboat will be waiting for us. We will sail across Rio Bajo Madre de Dios (Winding River) until arriving at our lodge, 30 km away from Puerto Maldonado City. On our way, you will be able to observe rural lands destined to agricultural and livestock activities near the city. If the weather is good, you will sight colorful plants like the large-flowered heliconias, and you will have the chance to observe diverse animals such as the capybaras, caimans, water turtles, herons, cormorants, carrion birds and birds of prey. Upon the arrival at our lodge, you will be welcomed with delicious Amazon tropical fruit nectars and taken to your comfortable room (bungalow) reserved for the occasion. Once you are settled in the room, a hearty lunch will be served for you in our warm, rustically designed dining room. In the afternoon, our specialized guide will take you through an interpretive trail, conveniently signposted, to Caiman Cocha, a little lagoon where you will have the chance to observe the black caiman and the common caiman, as well as efficient predators located at the top of the food chain. They feed on a rich water fauna—mainly represented by fish— that inhabits the pond. At dusk, you will witness the spectacular sunset over the Amazon region, an experience full of color in overwhelming ranges and intensities. Back in the lodge, a delicious dinner will await you and you will have free time to share unforgettable moments at the bar, equipped with an excellent game room and all the drinks you can imagine. The night fauna will lull you to sleep with the melody of a huge number of bird songs and calls.Duration: 1 dayMeals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Eco Amazonia LodgeDay 2: Lost Cocha (Ecoamazonia - Ecologico)Stop At: Tambopata Reserve Tours, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios RegionThe magic begins with birds singing from the Amazon paradise, waking up to the howler monkey calls. A hearty breakfast will provide you with the necessary energy for a morning full of new experiences. LOST COCHA After breakfast, we will start an adventure in the virgin forest, accompanied by a local guide, we’ll go on a hike in the deep forest: we will cover very well preserved prepared trails of our interpretive tour. On our way, we will cross temporary watercourses called tributaries through very well-kept bridges, and we’ll witness the widest range of flora and fauna in the wild. We’ll identify a great variety of ornamental plants with unparalleled beauty. En route to the Lost Cocha, we will see diverse species of medicinal plants and fruit trees that support the animal populations in the Amazon forest. With luck, you’ll get to see bigger mammals, like the jaguar or Peruvian jaguar, the Brazilian tapir and the white-lipped peccary; rodents like the giant otter, the capybara, the spotted paca and the armadillo; primates like the coto or howler monkey and the squirrel monkey; reptiles like the iguana and the Bothrops atrox; amphibians like the toad, and birds like the guan, the partridge, the golden parakeet and the scarlet macaw. The rivers leave behind wetland systems, lakes, ponds, and bends, like the spectacular Lost Cocha. Wetlands play an ecological role of great importance since they represent a substantial biological source with endemic species. They are the shelter of mammals. These swamps comprise 60% of the area protected and restored by Eco Amazonia Lodge. The presence of moriche palm is very important for Amazonian ethnic groups. It is a mystery plant considered the mother of the forest or the tree of life. The swamp is home of jealous guardians like the jaguar, feline considered son of the swamp; the anaconda, the world's biggest snake; the owl that sees everything from its dwelling at the top of the trees, to cure all ills, and the black caiman, guardian that punishes those that dare to steal the female moriche palm fruit. Once in Lost Cocha, we will go up to an enormous observation platform. From this lookout, you will see the enormous surface that this magic place covers and where you can see two types of swamps: thick and mixed. Then, we will take a pleasant walk around the Lost Cocha and with luck, you’ll get to see the "giant otter” or Pteronurabrasiliensis, the biggest in its type and one of the most impressive animals of the Amazon region. Back in the lodge, you can enjoy an exquisite lunch. In the afternoon, you have free time to take pictures around the lodge, and you will have the possibility to visit the botanical garden and observe our medicinal plants and fruit trees. MONKEY ISLANDIn the afternoon, joined with our specialized guide, we will visit the Monkey Island, few minutes away from the lodge in the center of Madre de Dios River. This island shows an enormous variety of exuberant flora and hosts numerous primate specimens like the black spider monkey, the black-cap capuchin monkey, the squirrel monkey and the lion monkey. Also other species of little mammals like the ring-tailed coati (nasua nasua), the squirrel and an enormous variety of colored birds.Finally, we will complete our visit to the island, enjoying a sunset with the most impressive dusk in the jungle.Back in the lodge, you will taste an exquisite dinner.Duration: 1 dayMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Eco Amazonia LodgeDay 3: Transfer Back To Puerto MaldonadoStop At: Tambopata Reserve Tours, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios RegionAfter a refreshing night´s sleep, the loud vocalizations produced by the supersized voice box of the howler monkey will greet you good morning. In our dining room, a hearty breakfast will wait for you before going back to Puerto Maldonado.Duration: 1 dayMeals included: • BreakfastNo accommodation included on this day.

$389.19 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour at Hacienda Concepción

Your 3-day tour of the Peruvian Amazon includes full board at Hacienda Concepción, a comfortable 3-star eco-lodge dedicated to the conservation of the Amazon jungle. Choose a single or double accommodation with a king-size bed or two twin beds, including shared bathrooms with hot water, and enjoy international breakfast, lunch and dinner served every day. This family-friendly lodge offers special activities for the kids (treasure hunts, for example) and adults can unwind at the bar (open until midnight) with a complimentary pisco sour each day at happy hour.Relax amid this enchanting and serene natural setting, located within more than 2,000 acres (800 hectares) of lush, unspoiled rainforest—all within easy walking distance of Lake Sandoval. You’ll enjoy wildlife viewing and guided excursions to the Tambopata National Reserve and beyond!

$630 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Amazon Jungle Tour at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

Enjoy two nights’ single or double accommodation at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica Lodge, located on a private 30,000-acre (12,000-hectare) park in the Amazon Basin. Relax in the privacy of your superior cabana under an enchanting thatched roof, with access to a modern en suite bathroom with hot water available. Enjoy lodge amenities such as a bar, upstairs lounge and balconies for bird watching and stargazing. Unwind at the onsite spa with a purification treatment, reflexology or cold stone massage (own expense).With full board and all transportation included, you’ll have your choice of 13 unique guided excursions into the Peruvian Amazon jungle—one of the most bio-diverse places in the world! While activities at this luxury lodge—such as teatime—are more oriented toward adult singles and couples, families and children are welcome.

$415 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Tamishiyacu Reserve, Curassow Amazon Lodge 3-Day Wildlife Tour

Explore the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Communal Reserve, one of the best spots in the Amazon rainforest to observe wildlife. This tour takes you into virgin jungle where you will go on nature hiking, fishing, canoeing, navigating the Amazon River, birdwatching, wildlife spotting as primates, river dolphins and alligators. This all-inclusive tour combines nature and wildlife with a comfortable accommodation at Curassow Amazon Lodge.See the Itinerary below for a detailed tour description.

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