Karmoy Fishery Museum

Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

In Vedavågen, on the island's west coast, this striking museum explores the region's modern fishing industry and also has a saltwater aquarium. It's designed by the architectural firm Snøhetta, who also designed the Oslo Opera House and the Snøhetta viewpoint in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park.

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1. Visnes Grubeområde


From 1865 to 1972, the village of Visnes, 4km west of Avaldsnes, was home to the largest and most sophisticated copper mine in Norway. Over its lifetime,…

2. Nordvegen Historiesenter

5.21 MILES

Down a short path from the car park for St Olav's Church, this history centre recreates the story of Harald Fairhair and other monarchs of the newly…

3. Avaldsnes Viking Farm

5.29 MILES

This living history centre brings Viking culture to life, with a number of reconstructed Viking buildings, and regular displays of handicrafts, metalwork,…

4. St Olav's Church


This ancient stone church was built under the reign of King Håkon Håkonsson. Work began in 1250, although it's thought that a much earlier wooden chapel…

5. Marilyn Monroe Memorial

8.87 MILES

Bizarrely, Haugesund claims to be the ancestral home of Marilyn Monroe, whose father, a local baker, emigrated from here to the USA. This monument on the…

6. Vår Frelsers Church

9.15 MILES

With its arrow straight spire and redbrick exterior, this church in the centre of Haugesund is a local landmark.

7. Skudeneshavn

9.17 MILES

The wonderful Skudeneshavn, 37km south of Haugesund, got very rich on the herring trade in the 19th century and is known for its 'Empire-style' wooden…

8. Haraldshaugen

10.13 MILES

The burial site of Viking King Harald Fairhair, the first king of a unified Norway, is 1.5km north of Haugesund. The obelisk memorial, erected in 1872,…