Los Hervideros de San Jacinto

León & Northwestern Nicaragua

This series of hot springs and mudholes – likely connected to the Telica volcano and sometimes referred to as 'mud fields,' – is a desolate, sulfur-scented place to wander around. Local kids and teenagers will approach you at the small parking lot (US$1) and offer to show you around (about US$1); it's a really good idea to hire one, as there are no marked trails.

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1. Reserva Natural Telica-Rota

4.52 MILES

This very active, 90.52-sq-km complex peaks at Volcán Telica (1061m), the twin craters of which are a mere 30km north of León. Also called the ‘Volcano of…

2. Reserva Natural Pilas-El Hoyo

9.91 MILES

Most people come to this reserve to see the volcano Cerro Negro (726m and growing), one of the youngest volcanoes in the world. Almost every guide in León…

3. Iglesia San Juan Bautista

11.76 MILES

This 17th-century neoclassical church was rebuilt more than once and boasts an impressive bell tower.

4. Museo Entomológico

11.87 MILES

For a truly comprehensive collection of creepy crawlies, butterflies, scorpions and other critters from all over Central America, drop into this private…

5. Iglesia de San Felipe

11.87 MILES

This 17th-century church occupies a whole block on the northern edge of downtown and was constructed to serve the spiritual needs of working-class…

6. Iglesia El Calvario

11.95 MILES

A hodgepodge of neoclassical and baroque styles, the richly hued El Calvario dates from the 18th century. It's notable, among other attributes, for the…


11.98 MILES

Pricey private school worth checking out for a look into León's university scene.

8. Iglesia de la Recolección

11.98 MILES

Three blocks north of the cathedral, the 1786 Iglesia de la Recolección is considered the city’s most beautiful church, a Mexican-style baroque confection…