Monumento al Trabajador Nicaragüense


A monument to Nicaraguan workers – a man and a woman, taking part in manual labour.

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2. Museo Nacional

0.08 MILES

Inside the Palacio de la Cultura y Biblioteca Nacional, the beautiful national museum is an enjoyable romp through the country's history – from Nicaragua…

4. Plaza de la Revolución

0.14 MILES

Inaugurated in 1899 by national hero and original anti-American General José Santos Zelaya, this open plaza has been the scene of countless protests,…

5. Antigua Catedral

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The hollow shell of Managua’s Old Cathedral remains Managua’s most poignant metaphor, shattered by the 1972 earthquake – and slowly undergoing restoration…

6. Tomb of Carlos Fonseca

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The tomb of Carlos Fonseca, founder of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN). He was killed fighting Nicaraguan National Guard forces loyal to…

7. Parque Luis Velásquez

0.16 MILES

This park is a prime spot for observing local life. It really comes alive on weekends and in the evenings, when it seems like all of Managua's families…

8. Casa del Pueblo


This was rebuilt during the Alemán years with the help of the Taiwanese government, and is now home to the controversial Consejos de Poder Ciudadano (CPCs…