Casino Pharaoh


A landmark locals use to give directions in the neighborhood.

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1. Star City

0.36 MILES

A former casino (now closed) and current landmark that locals use to give directions in the area.

3. Parque Japon

0.41 MILES

This not-particularly Japanese park, nestled in the back blocks of the Metrocentro area, is a great place for a bit of time out. There are plenty of trees…

4. Galería Casa Los Tres Mundos

0.41 MILES

This gallery is the workshop of former Catholic priest, politician, poet, artist and sculptor Ernesto Cardenal, who founded the primitivist art community…

5. La Vicky

0.56 MILES

The grocery store called 'La Vicky' doesn't stand here anymore, but locals still use it as a point of reference for navigating the town.


0.71 MILES

The Managua branch of Nicaragua’s oldest university (the original is in León, the former capital) was founded in 1958 and has more than 24,000 students.

7. UCA

0.78 MILES

Founded in 1960 as a Jesuit school, this is one of Nicaragua’s premier universities, with a curriculum heavy on science and alternative technologies, Che…

8. Catedral Metropolitana

0.96 MILES

Just north of the Metrocentro mall is an unforgettable Managua landmark that's practically new (the doors opened in 1993). It's an architectural marvel…