Casa del Obrero


A downtown landmark originally dedicated to the Nicaraguan worker.

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Nearby Managua attractions

1. Parque El Carmén

0.31 MILES

A couple of blocks from Barrio Bolonia’s concrete jungle, this surprisingly pretty park is a little slice of suburbia, with kids' riding bikes, a…

2. Estatua de Montoya

0.37 MILES

A statue dedicated to national hero Ramón Montoya, a Nicaraguan soldier who died (at the age of 14) in 1907.

5. Parque Las Palmas

0.54 MILES

A cute and shady little neighborhood park with the requisite benches, snack kiosks and even a laid-back bar in the middle.

6. Arboretum Nacional Juan Batista Salas

0.58 MILES

These modest gardens, inconveniently located halfway between Barrio Bolonia and the Plaza Monumental on Av Bolívar (well, it’s convenient if you’re making…

7. National Assembly Pedestrian Walk

0.69 MILES

East of the National Assembly along Av Central is a pedestrian walk with open-air exhibits on Nicaragua's history, featuring everything from historic…

8. Monumento Roosevelt

0.74 MILES

Acsending Loma de Tiscapa from Crowne Plaza, you'll pass Monumento Roosevelt, constructed in 1939 and offering lovely lake views over the Laguna de…