Isla Grande

Isla de Ometepe

Close to Altagracia, this island, basically a plantain finca (farm) gone feral, is rarely visited despite being a fantastic place for birdwatching. If you’re interested, you could certainly arrange a custom trip – ask at your hotel.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Isla de Ometepe attractions

1. Monoliths

2.24 MILES

A place to see some of the finest remaining ancient excavated statues on Ometepe is beside the Altagracia church, close to the Parque Central, where a…

2. Museo de Ometepe


The village's main attraction is this museum packed with information (in Spanish) about the island. (Though you’ll find a much more comprehensive…

3. Volcán Concepción

4.65 MILES

This massive (and active) volcano is an Ometepe landmark. The seven- to 10-hour hike up loose volcanic stone to the summit of this looming peak can be…

4. Reserva Charco Verde

7.04 MILES

Rich with wildlife and fringed with black-sand beaches, this wooded ecological reserve is a quiet spot for hiking, birdwatching and taking a dip in the…

5. Volcán Maderas

7.43 MILES

Climbing this 1394m volcano is challenging but worthwhile. Guides are required for the seven- to eight-hour round-trip trek (with four to five hours of…

6. Cascada San Ramón

8.27 MILES

This stunning 40m waterfall is one of the jewels of the island. The 3.7km trail begins at the Estación Biológica de Ometepe. You can drive 2.2km up to the…

7. Museos El Ceibo


The excellent Museo Numismástico (Money Museum) documents the troubled history of the Nicaraguan economy through its coins and banknotes. Across the road,…

8. Galería de Arte Casa de Artista

10.87 MILES

Near the beach, local artist Abel shows off his work – from nudes and still life to landscapes. Swing by and have a look; it's signposted from the main…