If you are seeking inspiration for your next adventure, a new study has compiled a guide to where holidaymakers should visit, based on their zodiac signs.

While we use our zodiac signs to predict many things, including career paths and romantic compatibility, we rarely use it when it comes to the area of travel. With this in mind, online reservation and booking system for airport transfers, Taxi2Airport.com, surveyed 2932 people and asked each one what their two must-haves are from a holiday. It then conjured up a guide to the perfect type of holiday for each star sign, with the aim of providing inspiration to travellers.

People in a canoe amid Japanese cherry blossoms
Scorpios would enjoy a relaxing trip to Japan © cowardlion / Shutterstock

The guide found that for Aries, visitor attractions and adventure were important, and it recommended island hopping in Thailand as a destination. Food and shopping ranked highly for Taureans, so a shopping spree in Paris was the proffered holiday. Geminis were found to like activities and meeting people, and it was felt that they might enjoy a retreat-type holiday in Bali.

A couple having treatments in a spa
Geminis might enjoy a retreat-type holiday in Bali © Kzenon / Shutterstock

As Cancerians like warm weather and culture, it was suggested that they would enjoy Cuba as a destination. Leos like action and luxury so they might like to take a luxury break in New York. Virgo holidaymakers enjoy art and activities, so a tailor-made break to London was suggested for them, and as Librans enjoy relaxing and exploring, it was felt that a city break in Amsterdam might do the trick.

A woman relaxing in a hammock between two trees
Pisceans could enjoy beaches and relaxation © Anya Berkut / Getty Images

Scorpio travellers enjoy tours and downtime, so a relaxing trip to Kyoto was suggested as a potential vacation. Sagittarians like freedom and adventure, so a solo trip to Tokyo was considered to be a good option. Capricorns enjoy organised activities and having nights out, so backpacking in Costa Rica was suggested. Aquarians rate sightseeing and action highly, so volunteering in India was given as an option there. And finally, Pisceans enjoy beaches and relaxation so a beach holiday in Aruba was considered to be the ideal trip.

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