Hollywood actor, Zac Efron, is set to present a new travel docuseries on Netflix that explores healthy, sustainable ways to live. The "Down To Earth" series, which premieres on 10 July, will see the actor traveling to various locations around the world alongside wellness expert, Darin Olien.

Hollywood actor Zac Efron cutting exotic fruit down from a tree
Zac learns about food around the world © Netflix

Zac will be learning about food and sustainability on his travels. "We're traveling around the world to find some new perspectives on some very old problems," he says. "Food, water and energy are all the main staples for modern life. We're going to see some top eco-innovators to see how change is an inside job. And we're going to be eating really, really well."

Efron travels to London, France, Puerto Rico, Peru, Iceland and Costa Rica to learn about sustainable living, and he eats some interesting food, including a "dung-smoked" dish, along the way. As he learns from eco-innovators, he concludes that we need to start rethinking the way we consume everything, "from our food to our power." "Change has to start somewhere," he says. "Maybe it's about time we all changed."

A shirtless Zac Efron sitting in a wooden frame
Zac Efron is hosting a Netflix travel show © Netflix

Zac is an adventurous traveler, and he has also been busy filming a documentary series for streaming service, Quibi, called "Killing Zac Efron." In this series, he goes deep into the jungle of a remote, dangerous island, with nothing but "basic gear, a guide partner and a will to survive" for 21 days. "I tend to thrive under extreme circumstances and seek out opportunities that challenge me on every level," Efron said about this show. "I am excited to explore any uncharted territory and discover what unexpected adventure awaits." "Down To Earth" will be available to watch on Netflix from 10 July.

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