Lots of people around the world are working from home right now, dreaming of a time when they can get a change of scenery. With that in mind, one company is offering two people the chance to escape to a beautiful luxury villa in Greece to make it their home office for four weeks, with flights even being covered from England. 

Announced by CV Villas, the competition is free for anyone to enter, and sees one lucky pair being chosen to spend a month in Corfu. The company said that it is looking for two people who have been suffering with poor working-from-home set-ups, hoping to treat them to something more luxurious. Wi-Fi is available at the villa, allowing guests to work from there, and the price of flights will also be covered from Gatwick Airport. To apply for the chance to work from a villa, applicants will be asked to detail why they think they deserve a change of office location.

Villa Indiana
The five-bedroom villa has a pool and a hot tub © CV Villas

The winning entrants will travel to the five-bedroom Indiana villa on the Greek island, which is a short walk from Coyevinas Beach. It has a private pool, hot tub and a sunny terrace with views of the surrounding area. 

“We know that up and down the country people have been struggling with home offices that aren’t up to scratch, and after a number of months of working remotely we wanted to offer the chance to have a change of scenery. With far more remote working options now available for employees, we certainly foresee groups using our villas as short-term offices in beautiful locations. Who wouldn’t want to do a Zoom call from a hot tub?” said Pete Brudenell, head of marketing at CV Villas.  

Villa Indiana
The offer includes flights from Gatwick Airport © CV Villas

The stay is planned to be from 5 April to 3 May 2021 and flights from Gatwick airport will be provided. Applications are now open on the official CV Villas website.

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