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Still recognisable as the idyllic refuge where the shipwrecked Odysseus was soothed and sent on his way home, Corfu continues to welcome weary travellers with its lush scenery, bountiful produce and pristine beaches.Since the 8th century BC the island the Greeks call Kerkyra has been prized for its untamed beauty and strategic location. Ancient armies fought to possess it, while in the early days of modern Greece it... Read More

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$71.13 Private & Custom Tours

Private Custom Tour: Corfu in a Day

Choose between a half- or full-day tour, either with or without a professional guide, and spend your day in Corfu visiting the cultural, historical and natural landmarks that interest you the most. When booking your tour, make a note of the attractions and activities you would like to see and do, so that the logistics can be arranged in advance.On the day of your tour, meet your driver and guide (if option selected) at your Corfu hotel, and then set off in a premium, air-conditioned vehicle. Transport is included, but all meals and entrance fees are at your own expense.See the Itinerary for a sample half-day tour.

$41.84 Day Trips & Excursions

Shore Excursion: Half-Day at Glyfada Beach

Corfu is famous for its green full scenery, but most of all, the beaches and crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Glyfada beach is well known around the world for its long and golden sandy beach, here is where you will have approximately three hours to enjoy the sun, relax, swim in the sea or enjoy refreshment at the sea side.Glyfada Beach is said to be where Odysseus washed up on the final leg of his Odyssey to his way back to Ithaca. Your sunbeds and umbrellas will be reserved for you with all amenities (including towels and a bottle of water) and is here where you will enjoy a cold refreshment (included). Just stay back and relax drinking an extraordinary cocktail chosen of a long list or If you feel hungry just order one of the delicious snacks available on the beach. Pazuzu is also well known for its Mediterranean cuisine. The beach offers a big variety of water sports for hire so please remember to bring local currency with you if you wish to be a bit more active.

$50.21 Cultural & Theme Tours

Shore Excursion: Leisurely Small-Group Tour of Corfu

Your tour will start with a visit to a 'Koum Kouat’ distillery and how the fruit is turned into famous delicacies from the island (please note: you will not visit the production side of the distillery). Koum Kouat fruit, which grows only in Corfu, is made into one of the island’s most famous product, a liqueur with the same name, along with fruit-preserved sweets. You'll be able to sample some of the delicious wares and purchase some of the produce made from Koum Kouat. Your tour continues by driving towards Palaiokastritsa. This beautiful seaside resort is famed for its fine beaches, olive groves, and crystal clear waters. In the days of Ancient Greece, Corfu marked the final stage of the legendary trip made by the mythological Greek hero, Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca. Odysseus is said to have come ashore here to receive hospitality from the king of the Phaeacians. The Kolovri Rock, which lies offshore, is said to be Odysseus’ boat, turned to stone by Poseidon. There you will have some free time where you can trace this scenic coast by local boat and explore some of its magical grottoes. Follow the road to the end of the promontory, where on the summit of the hill is the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. A religious order has occupied this site since the thirteenth century, and the current buildings date from the sixteenth and eighteenth century. Enjoy a visit with your escort before driving up the Bella Vista Hill where you will reach your restaurant stop outside of Lakones village. The restaurant features spectacular views across the bay and is colloquially known as God’s Balcony. Take time to enjoy the views and a taste of Greek Ouzo accompanied with meze. After your visit to the restaurant, you will continue along the mountain ridge, enjoying the views of nearby islands, before descending into the valley continuing your route to Corfu Town. Before reaching Corfu Town you will make a brief photo stop in the charming Kanoni. Its name derives from the original gun placed here in 1810 by the French to disrupt the blockade by the British. From the Belvedere you can enjoy the view of perhaps Corfu’s most photographed spot; the twin islets of Vlachernae and Mouse island. Next, you will pass the archaeological site of Paleopolis before continuing past the gates of the late Georgian Mon Repos Villa, once a residence of the Greek Royal Family and the birthplace of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Following the coastline through Garitsa Bay, you will reach the UNESCO site of the Old Town of Corfu. See and take pictures of the famous Esplanade, second largest public squares in Europe, and the elegant Liston promenade, once the exclusive preserve of local aristocracy. On your brief oriented tour throughout the town, you will also see the Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress), Durrell Gardens, and the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, which once served as the residence of the British High Commissioner.

$46.62 Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion: Royal Palaces of Corfu - Small Group Tour

In the days of Ancient Greece, Corfu marked the final stage of the legendary trip made by the mythological Greek god, Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaka. This tour will certainly give you a chance to discover the lush countryside of Corfu as you enjoy a scenic drive through the island to the village of Gastouri. Here in this quaint traditional village, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who was affectionately known as Sissy, constructed the architectural wonder of Achilleion Palace. An admirer of the classical Greek Hero Achilles, she named the palace after him. Your guided visit will show you the lush frescoed rooms of this neoclassical white mansion. You can also enjoy the Italian terraced gardens with views over the coast. Fine sculptures are dotted around the gardens, many of which feature characters from the Greek mythology, including Achilles.Continue you scenic drive to your next visit stop at Kanoni where you admire the spectacular view of Mouse Island. At the end you will visit Corfu Town which is inscribed on Unesco's World Heritage list as a fortified Mediterranean Port town of high integrity and authenticity, guests will discover all the interesting sites like the city's 14th century Venetian Old Fortress, the St. Spyridon Church, protector of the island, the charming narrow alleyways of the old Venetian town, the famous Esplanade Square-one of the largest squares in Europe, the elegant Liston which access in the past was only allowed to the aristocracy of Corfu, the Dimarchio or Town Hall and the imposing Palace of St. Michael and St.George.Before returning to the bus you will have some time for shopping and strolling in Corfu town.On returning to the Port guests have the chance to see the old Port with traditional caiques-fishing boats and the New Venetian Fortress.List of possible Attractions and Activities:Achilleion Palace Kaiser Throne Vlacherna Monastery(view from a distance) Pontikonisi - Mouse Island - (view from a distance) Corfu Town Liston Esplanade Square Town Hall St. Spyridon Church St. Micheal & St. George Palace Old Venetian Fortress

$47.82 Walking & Biking Tours

Hidden Secrets Corfu Walking Tour

After you are picked up from the Corfu Cruise terminal, you and your guide will head towards the old town, in a deluxe minivan/minibus. You will be dropped off just in front of the second largest square in Europe, Spianada Square from where you will start walking into the oldest quarters of Corfu. Campiello, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an atmospheric labyrinth of narrow, winding streets, steep stairways, and secretive little squares. It's here where you can admire some of the finest, most well preserved and original, Venetian architecture in the entire island! You will also visit St. Spyridon church, St. Patron of Corfu, whose relics are kept and visited daily by believers who acquire the protection and intercession of the saint. You will see the impressive frescoes at the top of the church divided into 17 parts with golden frames, painted initially in 1727. Your exploration will continue deeper into the town's secret little corners until your experienced guide leads you to the old port of Corfu. There, you will hop on a caique and sail to Vidos island which stands at a distance of only half a mile. Vidos is an unspoiled green islet, uninhabited and  protected by Greek law. The island still hosts a big community of pheasants and wild rabbits which you may meet while exploring its wonderful green paths. You will discover the former juvenile reform school where nowadays the boy’s scouts’ camps stand. There you will also have a look at the Serbian mausoleum dedicated to the Serbian victims of WWI. The small wooded paths lead to the island's only restaurant and coffee shop where a refreshing glass of Ouzo along with some typical Greek meze will wait for you (a cold refreshment will be served to children under 18 as a replacement of the Ouzo). Relax and enjoy the view of Old Corfu Town which lies in front of you. The caique will get you back to the old port from where your guide will walk you to the port and conclude the tour. You have, of course, the option to extend your abidance on Vidos island or the Old Corfu Town, but you will be responsible for your return to the ship.

$64.55 Day Trips & Excursions

Shore Excursion: Corfu Sights and Wine Tasting - Small Group

Your day wouldn't start better than visiting Palaiokastritsa's monastery which is dedicated to the Vergin Mary and admiring the view of Ionian Sea and the surrounding bays.By walking inside the monastery of the Virgin Mary you find, gleaming whitewashed walls, lemon trees and a carefully tended flower garden. Inside the chapel you will find a fine collection and some of the rarest Byzantine icons, relics and religious paintings. The monastery inhabited by monks, was founded in 1288, but the present day complex was erected in the 18th century and offers unrivalled views of the area.Situated in the fertile Ropa Valley and owned by one of the Oldest families on the island is the Theotoky Estate. The estate produce some of the best wine of the island as well as the most sought after olive oil. Experience the production process for both the wine and olive oil followed by a sampling of the wine with some local made cheese, fresh bread, olive oil and olives grown on the estate. At the end of your visit there will be the opportunity to purchase the wines and olive oil from the estate.Best seen on foot, the old town is a mixture of the medieval and the modern. The old and new fortresses bear the insignia of the Venetian Republic. During your tour of the Old Corfu Town, you will see the Esplanade, planted with palms and eucalyptus by the French, see the English cricket pitch, view the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, once home to Corfu's British rulers, and wander along the narrow streets and small plazas to the church of St. Spyridon. Free time will be given to further explore the charming town on your own.