As a name synonymous with exploration, the word Winnebago has always been able to conjure up a wanderlust-inducing image of hitting the wide-open road in style. With that in mind, the company has just announced its new model, the Solis, a stylish pop-top camper that can fit a family of four.

Winnebago Solis.jpg
The Winnebago Solis features a pop-top sleeping department © Winnebago Ind

Due for release in 2020, the Solis has been designed to be adaptable, whether it’s being used to voyage along warm coasts and beaches or camping in cooler climates. It features a fuel-efficient chassis, all-season insulation and plumbing, a rear annex that expands for more space and a heated bathroom. In addition to cross-coach sleeping below, a fibreglass pop-top expands to allow for more sleeping space while offering stunning panoramic views. The Solis is the first ever model to include this feature, which can fit two adults or two children.

Solis Floor Plan.jpg
The camper's layout has been designed to be dynamic © Winnebago Ind

A removable, folding ladder gives campers access to the upper sleeping compartment. The Solis also features heavy-duty vinyl flooring, a recirculating hot water system, an underfloor storage system, two exterior wash stations and a table that can be adjusted to take in any view. The lightweight body has been designed to be fuel-efficient, while the interior has blackout blinds for sleeping

A swivelling table makes the seating area adjustable depending on whether a family is relaxing, eating or on the move, while the driver and cab seats also spin around for different uses. A kitchen galley includes a cooking hob, a small sink and a refrigerator. The Solis also includes a bathroom with a shower.

The Solis is the first pop-top design released by Winnebago © Winnebago Ind

According to the company, the Solis starts at $100,667, excluding tax, title, licence and delivery.

More information is available at the official Winnebago website

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