Siberian tigers are one of the world’s most endangered animals, and the natural habitat in which they live wild has shrunk significantly. Tracking and observing their movements is a key part in preserving the species, and thanks to this safari tour adventurous tourists can participate in it as well.

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Siberian tigers are officially classified as an endangered species. Photo by Ghostmonger's/Getty Images

Organised by Natural World Safaris, a company based in Brighton, England, this safari tour will bring you to the cold taiga of Eastern Siberia in Russia to search, observe and track the last Siberian tigers left in the wild.

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The Lena Pillars are a rock formation found along the Lena River in Eastern Siberia, the natural habitat of the tigers. Photo by Vicky Ivanova/Shutterstock

According to a 2015 census, the population of wild Siberian tigers was around 560 individuals, and Siberia is their last well-preserved natural habitat. During the safari, which will take place in a wood cabin in the Durminskoye Reserve instituted by conservationist Alexander Batalov (who also leads the tour), you will go out each day to set camera traps and collect and examine the footage they'll record.

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A male and a female photographed in their natural habitat. Photo by Ger Bosma/Getty Images

It’s unlikely you’ll actually come face to face with one, although it has happened before. But you will get to experience the tigers’ natural habitat and contribute to their preservation by tracking their movements and numbers. Fear not, though — the Durminskoye Reserve is home to plenty other animals, from snowy owls to red deer, and they’re certainly more easily sightable than the tigers.

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The safari lasts a week and takes place between November and March. Photo by Rüdiger Katterwe / EyeEm/Getty Images

This tour is part of Natural World Safaris’ “Frontier” series, a project that aims to “pioneer travel for adventurous souls,” not by “taking risks but by pushing boundaries,” as it says on the official website. Some other destinations include Chad and its population of lions and crocodiles, Djibouti and its whale sharks, Yukon in Canada with its ice grizzlies and Sri Lanka with its blue whales, the largest animals on the planet.

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Yukon Territory is the smallest of Canada's three federal territories. Photo by aaaaimages/Getty Images

If you want to get more information on any of the Frontier safaris, you can look on the official website here.

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