Wheeled suitcases are causing noise pollution in Venice.
Suitcase wheels causing 'significant disturbance'.

Venice’s authorities have proposed a ban on suitcases with hard wheels in a bid to tackle noise pollution. Apparently the constant rumble of tourists’ suitcases on the city’s historic paving slabs and footbridges is causing significant disturbance to those living close to busy thoroughfares, as well as damaging the pavement. Once the ban is introduced next May, any tourist pulling a suitcase through the city is liable to be fined up to €500, unless it is equipped with air-filled tyres to dampen-down the noise. Unfortunately very few suitcases currently on the market have that sort of wheels, but Venice’s council hopes that between now and next May enterprising companies will step into the breach. Venetians will be exempt from the ban. Read more: telegraph.co.uk

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