We can't go on trips these days thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can still dream about our future life on the open road. Which is why we're enjoying checking out Volkswagen's new electric concept e-BULLI bus.

The new VW e-Bulli bus on the road
Volkswagen has developed a new electric concept e-BULLI bus © Volkswagen

The e-BULLI is an all-electric concept vehicle that produces zero emissions on the road. It is based on the company's iconic T1 Samba bus that was produced in 1966 and is a combination of high-end classic and high-tech electric vehicle. The battery is charged via a combined charging system socket and can be charged to 80% power in 40 minutes at fast-charging points. The range with one full battery charge is more than 200km.

The interior of the VW e-Bulli bus
The eight-seater interior has white leather seats © Volkswagen

The four-cylinder boxer engine of the 1966 T1 has been replaced by a silent Volkswagen electric motor that is almost twice as powerful. It has automatic transmission and can reach a top speed of 130km per hour. The bus's exterior is completed in a two-tone metallic orange and gold paintwork finish, while its interior is white and orange. There are eight leather seats and a solid wood floor and the bus has a large panoramic folding roof.

The interior of the VW e-Bulli electric bus 3
Music on board comes from a radio that is retro-style in appearance © Volkswagen

There is a tablet integrated into the roof console, and the driver can use Volkswagen ‘We Connect’ to call up information online by smartphone app or via a PC and a corresponding web portal. They can see the vehicle's remaining charge time, current range, kilometres travelled, trip times, energy consumption and recuperation. Music on board comes from a radio that is retro-style in appearance, but is equipped with cutting-edge technology such as DAB+, Bluetooth and USB. The radio is linked to a sound system with out-of-sight components, including an active subwoofer.

The VW e-Bulli electric bus out on the road
The bus has a large panoramic folding roof © Volkswagen

The VW e-BULLI's price starts from €64,900 ($70,915) and further information is available on Volkswagen's website here.

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