While there may only be 6% of the US population identifying as vegan, it feels as if a no-meat eatery or veggie-focused concept spot is opening almost weekly in New York.

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Delectable! Photo by Kokus

The lifestyle shift certainly shows no signs of abating either. Non-dairy ice cream has become de rigueur on dessert menus and parlors in most neighborhoods across the city, but up until now, there was no option for vegan-friendly soft serve. A classic American treat, soft serve is fluffier and less dense as it contains more air and less milk fat than your regular scoop.

Newly opened in the West Village, Kokus is the first place to offer fully plant-based, organic, nutrient-rich soft serve which is made from cultured coconut cream, raw honey, and minimal other ingredients.

It’s not often you can say your waffle cone of salted caramel, or whatever your vice may be, also delivers a double whammy of health benefits. This was the inspiration of founder Carli Blum: a hydrating, indulgent treat that’s “good for you and good for the planet.”

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Vegans have new tasty options this summer. Photo by Kokus

Each of the offerings on the colorful menu has a specific focus. The base is comprised of their signature soft serve in either lemon-vanilla tart or raw cacao. Then, you create your treat based on your mood. Feeling lacklustre? The ‘Glow’ bowl incorporates goji and mulberries, turmeric honey, and bee pollen to banish free radicals and stimulate blood flow for beautiful skin. Energy running low? Nothing a boosting ‘Vitality’ bowl of matcha dust and maca-date caramel can’t handle.

As every industry is going bananas for cannabis oil (CBD), you can bet your dollars that the ‘Zen’ bowl option is laced with the stuff - and even better - it’s a CBD cacao hybrid, combined with blueberries, coconut chips, and black sesame granola. The blend purports to help boost calmness, and reduce inflammation and pain while delivering a dose of antioxidants to the body.


Other tempting add-ons include collagen boosting coconut whip, pink dragon fruit dust, and blue majik dust. For an extra few bucks, you can even have yours served in an Instagrammable coconut shell.

Is this what having your cake and eating it too looks like? Kokus will be available all summer long at Springbone (bone broth kitchen) at 90 West 3rd Street.

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