Germany’s latest roadside attraction will turn everything you know on its head.

You can find the cafe along the A3 autobahn in Wertheim. As well as a coffee shop, there’s also a fully upside-down house next to it which is open for the public to explore.

The house of the Toppels family is an attraction where everything is upside down.
The house of the Toppels family is an attraction where everything is upside down.

The entire establishment belongs to an (imaginary) family named the Toppels. It’s not just the outside which looks topsy-turvy, inside, everything is upside down as well. Fruit bowls hang down from the kitchen ceiling and you’ll even find a toilet above your head in the bathroom.

If you’re stopping off for a beer or coffee, they’ll even be served to you in inverted mugs or glasses. The immersive design challenges visitors to experience the world from a fresh perspective, as well as creating incredible photo opportunities for road-trippers.

If you think you can handle spending lots of time in an upside-down world, the cafe are currently recruiting for experienced staff to join their team and help create a welcoming, topsy-turvy atmosphere for guests.

Strangely, Toppels is not the first upside-down house in Germany. The ‘Crazy House’ in the village of Affoldern has been disorientating visitors since 2014. Upside-down houses have also popped up - or would that be popped down? - in Taiwan, Russia, China and Austria. However, Malaysia is still the home of upside-down houses with at least five upside-down attractions for travellers to check out all over the country.

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