Tiny houses have become more and more popular in the past few years. There are plenty of quirky models to go around, but a tiny house that folds and unfolds like origami is definitely a unique take. 

Take a peek inside Ikea's first sustainable tiny home

Brette Haus is a relatively new Latvian-based company that produces three different models of tiny houses made entirely of sustainable materials that can be transported anywhere in the world. According to the company, they can be set up by two people in around three hours, as the cabins are meant to be folded and unfolded much like a sheet of paper without the need for permanent foundations.

A picture of the tiny house in the process of unfolding
Brette Haus has patented the hinge system utilised in the houses and it grants up to 100 foldings © Brette Haus

Founder Gennadii Bakunin explained to Lonely Planet, that all three models are inspired by Scandinavian style. They range from 18 to 108 square-meters and come with a kitchen and a bathroom (both equipped with basic furniture), a living room and a bedroom. They can be easily transported when they’re folded and Brette Haus ships them all over the world, from Lausanne in Switzerland to Busan in South Korea.

A digital rendering of one of the other models available for the tiny houses
The three models available are Rustic, Compact and Urban (like the one pictured in the rendering) and they're all versatile enough to comply with house regulations of different countries © Brette Haus

“The mission of Brette Haus is to fabricate quality mobile homes considering that nowadays people are flexible and not attached to only one place,” according to an official company statement. 

A landscape picture of the tiny house
These tiny houses can serve a huge variety of functions, from events like festivals and fairs to being used as small retail shops or home offices © Brette Haus

The price of a Brette Haus tiny house starts at around €18,000 (US$22,000) and can go up to almost €50,000 (US$61,486), depending on the size and the design. You can check out more about them at the official website here.

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