If you're heading to London and fancy taking in a tour with a difference, you can now visit the world’s first underground farm. The fully-working Growing Underground farm is located 33 metres beneath the busy streets of Clapham, in the abandoned tunnels of a former World War II air raid shelter.

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You can tour the subterranean farm Growing Underground Farm in London. Image: Martin Cervenansky

Those taking part in the tours can discover the history of the tunnels, how the farm came to be and it’s future role in a sustainable world. With its pink futuristic glow, the farm sustainably grows fresh micro-greens and salad leaves using hydroponic systems and LED technology. They're grown year-round in a pesticide-free environment, and are unaffected by the weather and seasonal changes.

There is a futuristic pink glow from Growing underground farm. Image: Pete Muller

The farm is inspired by the vertical farming movement and was founded in 2014 by Richard Ballard and Steven Dring, who are from Bristol. Their produce is now stocked in major supermarkets and used by top chefs, and thanks to their prime location, they are in a position to reduce the food miles for local retailers and consumers.

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Growing Underground Farm has opened for tours. Image: Martin Cervenansky

There are tours twice-weekly at 6pm and they take approximately 75 minutes. Co-founders Richard and Steven host the 'Tour with the Founder' events every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the end of March and tickets are available here. The other tours run from April to September on Thursdays and Saturdays and will be led by a team leader. Tickets are available here.

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You can take a twice-weekly tour of Growing Underground. Image: Growing Underground

Tours are suitable for those over 14 and participants also get to take home a fresh micro-herb salad, picked straight from the farm. Further information is available from the website here.

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