If you’ve already spent your winter holiday budget or if you’d rather experience somewhere new while tucked up by the fire then look no further. In an attempt to showcase Denmark from a different perspective, here are five virtual reality tours that take you through some of the country’s most amazing museums and sites.

“I do think [VR] has an advantage over other mediums, as it can give the audience a better opportunity to immerse completely in the experience,” Elisabeth Thaarup, spokesperson for Expedia Denmark told Lonely Planet.

Nyhavn (literally: New Harbour) is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“This way a place is not limited to people located in that area. It is for example, not only people in Aarhus who can go to The Old Town but also people in Copenhagen, Rome or even Sydney, who can take a trip down the streets of the beautiful museum.

“The contrast between the new technology and the older historic environments, give these campaigns the opportunity to aim for a wider audience, than if the focus were just on one or the other”.

Not having to spend a dime on the experience certainly has its advantages and Elisabeth remarks that as long as you have a computer you can take use these interactive tours.

The Old Town, Aarhus

While visiting The Old Town, using the technology of Google Streetview, virtual tourists will be transported back in time to learn about Danish history.

Horsens State Prison (Horsens Statsfængsel)

A real prison for more than 150 years, Horsens has held some of the country’s worst criminals in the history of Denmark. The prison closed its doors in 2006.

The National Museum, Copenhagen

Get another historical flavour in the National Museum. Explore the Danish Middle Ages and Renaissance, where you can find beautiful sculptures and paintings from this fascinating time.

The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

For the literary buffs, you can take a trip to the famous royal library, The Black Diamond, where you can have a closer look at the amazing architecture and design.

H.C. Andersen's house, Odense

If cities aren’t your thing, you can head to the Island Fyn; home to the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. You can visit his house here. The museum opened in 1908 and is the oldest poet museum in the world.

Entrance to H.C. Andersen's House

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