With so many travel experiences designed for couples, those who are newly-single may find a new travel app useful. It curates activities aimed at helping people get over a break-up, because its creators say that travelling is the best remedy for a broken heart.

A woman in a floral dress on a roof terrace looking at a view of Cadiz in Spain
There’s a travel app designed for the broken-hearted © Westend61/Getty Images

The Breakup Tours app personalises the ideal solo tour for users. It recommends a wide variety of what it says are "heart-healing and soul-cleansing" travel experiences around the world that can be tailored according to the user's mood. It was developed by a Hong Kong-based company that believes that when the newly-separated stick to the same routine, they become very aware of the things that are missing from it. They believe that travelling allows people to take a break and gain new perspectives after a break-up. Their app also offers a facility called "Circles of Travelers" for them to meet new friends.

A screenshot of the break up app
The Breakup Tours app personalises the ideal solo tour for users © Breakup Tours

Breakup Tours says that there are three steps to healing - emotional release, trying something new and learning something new. All of the app's activities are centred around these three steps. It covers over 100 cities around the world and is available in English and Chinese.

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