Technology has come a long way in the world of travel, especially in Japan, where you can sleep in a hotel staffed by androids and take your dog to a self-cleaning pee-pole at the airport. One such example of this is the Millennials capsule hotel in the popular Tokyo neighbourhood of Shibuya, where guests can be woken gently with a bed that slowly props them up and lights that bloom to life to signify morning.

The SmartPods at the Millennials in Shibuya © The Millennials

Featuring sleek, minimalist “SmartPods”, the hotel has single sleeping departments with beds inside alcoves covered up by a screen. Guests are provided with an iPod touch at check-in that controls several functions of their pod. There is storage space beneath the bed for large suitcases, and guests can set their alarm for whatever time they like, kick back and look at relaxing projections of ocean scenes on an 80-inch screen. In the morning, the bed will let them know when it’s time to get up. 

SmartPod bed
The bed prop guests up in the morning © The Millennials

“The central focus of guests’ experience of the Millennials is its high-tech SmartPods, controlled through an in-house app that centralises all the functions of each guest's sleeping arrangements. With this intuitive tool, guests can adjust lighting, air-flow, and even the incline of their mattress easily. Of particular note is the unique, soundless alarm system slowly raises guests to a seated position along with steadily brighter lights, enabling guests to wake up bright and early without disturbing their neighbours,” a representative of the Millennials capsule hotel told Lonely Planet.

Co working Space
The hotel even has co-working spaces © The Millennials

With a focus on futuristic design, the hostel also has co-working spaces and common areas that promote communication between guests. The hotel also offers free beer on tap for “Happy Hour” every day from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, as well as complimentary breakfast and coffee.

“[The responses have been] very positive! Guests are always very pleased with the unique atmosphere of the hotel and enjoy this new experience, whether with the SmartPods and its unique functions, or with the social and cultural aspect the common areas provide.”

The Millennials also has locations in Kyoto and Fukuoka. More information on the Millennials is available at the official website.

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