A travel photographer and documentary filmmaker has captured striking footage of the spectacular fall foliage and surging, powerful waters of Taughannock Falls in Ulysses, New York.

Taughannock Falls.png
Taughannock Falls in upstate New York © Mic-Anthony Hay

Recorded by Mic-Anthony Hay last October, the video depicts the 215-foot-tall waterfall at Taughannock Falls State Park right as the seasons change from autumn to winter. The drone footage shows blazing warm reds and rich, luscious greens offset against the rushing white water and the grey rock face and makes for truly impressive viewing. After sharing the video on Instagram, Mic-Anthony amassed over two million views on the platform. The photographer captured the footage after having taken a few trips around various parks and trails in upstate regions of New York. “I'm a big fan of visiting familiar places during various seasons and different times of the day because the experience is always unique,” he told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Mic-Anthony said that while he is always inspired to share visual stories from the places that he visits, he felt a special mission was required to showcase the raw, natural beauty of his home. “My goal is to show people that there is more to the state than just New York City. Especially during the peak of fall foliage colour! The post was immediately shared by various outlets gaining millions of views. However, it was the response from the locals that was most special for me. The residents of Ithaca left many comments on the post, proud that their favorite spot for a local adventure was being recognised worldwide. For me this is everything, because although I love traveling to places far away to see new places, I think everyone should equally appreciate and care for the spots closest to them,” he told Lonely Planet.

Taughannock Falls State Park is part of the Finger Lakes Region, and features nature trails, hiking, picnic areas, cross-country skiing and beach swimming.

More of Mic-Anthony’s work is available at his official website.

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