Getting a tattoo while travelling may be on your bucket list, but finding the perfect artist on the road can be challenging. However, a new online booking platform, Tattoodo, is hoping to make it easier by connecting people around the world with tattoo shops.

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Just as travellers use websites to book accommodation or tours, Tattoodo is a directory of artists and studios where users can book an appointment online, and search artists based on geography, style or trends. There are about 300,000 artists with profiles on the site in places like Prague, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Berlin, New York and many more.

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The booking site operates in a similar way to Airbnb.

The online community Tattodo already existed, sharing tattoo content with a large social media following. But now, the website will help make actually getting inked easier. Famous tattoo artists like Miami-Ink star Ami James, who is a co-founder of Tattoodo, and Megan Massacre are available to book through the platform. James explained to Lonely Planet that the platform will not only make it easier to book an appointment, but also to find the right artist for their style or tattoo idea. It’s also going to be helpful to travellers looking for the ultimate vacation memory.

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Ami James (R) tattoos Brazilian UFC fighter, Thiago Alves.

Living in Miami, most of my clients are actually tourists, on vacation in a dream destination for a lot of people. And because they're on vacation, then they're not at work, so they feel free. I think that freedom definitely inspires people to get tattooed - they capture the memory through the tattoo and every time they see their new piece after that they'll remember that freedom. A lot of people also travel specifically to get a tattoo. People want to get tattooed by artists in places like New York or London, so they get an appointment set up and then they plan their trips around that. And just like they can go to Lonely Planet to get recommendations on where to stay and what to eat, they can go to Tattoodo to get guidance on making sure they're getting their dream tattoo.”

Ami says that anyone who is on the road and decides they’d like a tattoo can go on the site and check out the destinations. From there, they can find the artists and shops where they can get the tattoo they want. There’s also plenty of inspiration on the site: “From showcasing all the major tattoo styles to relaying the history behind a specific culture's tattoo style, we have the content to educate and inspire anyone.”

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