If you’re ready for a wandering life of adventure and are looking for a sustainable way to do it, then you might be interested in the new trailer that Living Vehicle has just announced.

A digital rendering of the exterior of the Living Vehicle, of a metallic grey colour
The new Living Vehicle is a complete redesign of the previous model © Living Vehicle

USA-based Living Vehicle Inc has just released the details of the 2020 edition of its luxury trailer, which boasts a whole array of new features for anyone looking for “quality, capability and modern design,” and a desire to spend long stretches of time off-grid.

Since the aim of the company is to be completely zero-waste and exclusively powered by electricity, it should not come as a surprise that the Living Vehicle 2020 operates on a net-zero model, meaning that there’s “no energy in and no waste out,” as it reads in the official description. The trailer will be powered by batteries and solar, enough to allow for the use of a fully-equipped kitchen and even air conditioning.

A digital rendering of the Living Vehicle's bedroom area, coloured with a neutral tones palette
The Living Vehicle will be able both to spend long periods of times off-grid and also host luxury amenities © Living Vehicle

The ultimate goal of the company, as its CEO Matthew Hofmann puts it, is to create a vehicle that “can fully sustain life and be fully self-sufficient,” so that users can follow being led only by their wanderlust rather than the need to find a power source of some sort.

In its 200-square-feet of space, the trailer fits a master bedroom, a dining/lounge area, the kitchen and bathroom, as well as an outdoors platform deck - in total, it can house from four to six people.

A digital rendering of the lounge area of the trailer, looking bright and modern
The Living Vehicle trailer will be fully-customisable and quite unique since not many models will be produced © Living Vehicle

The Living Vehicle 2020 trailer will be made to order, and it will be fully-customised with a collection of 20 option packages. Prices will start at US$199,995 (€182,898). If you’d like more information, you can check out its official website here.

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