If home is sweet, then a house built entirely out of chocolate would be sweeter, if not the sweetest! And you can test this theory for yourself by booking a night in an actual, real-life chocolate cottage.

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The Chocolate Cottage, looking straight out of a fairytale. Photo courtesy of Booking.com

The Chocolate Cottage was built by French master chocolate sculptor Jean-Luc Decluzeau in Sèvres, in the region of Île-de-France, just thirty minutes away from Paris. Everything in the 18 square-meter-cottage is made out of chocolate— from the walls and the roof to the wardrobe, the clock and even mugs and books. There’s even a little lake of white chocolate outside, right next to a chocolate flowerbed. It took 1.5 tonnes of chocolate to build it all, and now Booking.com is offering an exclusive stay in what is the first and only chocolate house in the world.

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Artist Jean-Luc Decluzeau was the one who realised the Chocolate Cottage. Photo courtesy of Booking.com

Included in your stay there’ll also be a workshop with artist Jean-Luc Decluzeau, who will teach guests how to make a miniature chocolate chalet to bring home as a souvenir. “I never thought I was going to build a human-sized chocolate cottage for travellers,” said Decluzeau in a statement. “I’m very happy to share my passion for chocolate, and I hope travellers will enjoy their stay in such a unique and tasty place".

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Everything in the Chocolate Cottage is made of chocolate, and can technically be eaten! Photo courtesy of Booking.com

The Chocolate Cottage, located inside the Orangerie Ephémère palace in Sèvres, can be booked today and on 26 September for the nights of 5 October and 6 October respectively. Remember though that “guests must not damage (or eat) the accommodation,” but rest assured— plenty of chocolate snacks will be provided.

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The first two stays will happen in October. Photo courtesy of Booking.com

If you want to spend a night like Hansel and Gretel (minus the evil witch) and sleep in the Chocolate Cottage, you can book it on the two days reservations are open on the official Booking.com’s page here.

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