A new Star Wars-themed vacation rental has opened in Florida that features nine unique bedrooms designed and outfitted to look like incredible planets, scenes and space ships from the iconic movie series beloved the world over. 

Star Wars House
Twelve Parsecs is located in Davenport, Florida and is close to a number of resorts © Twelve Parsecs

Located in Davenport, Florida, Twelve Parsecs was created by Loma Homes and is just a few away by car from a number of popular theme parks, including Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge and Universal Orlando Resort. Built to look like an eye-catching film set, the house has access to amenities aimed at keeping the whole family entertained, including a games room, a hot tub, and a private heated swimming pool, while 16 movie “easter eggs” are hidden across the property for guests to find. 

Star Wars House in Florida
Guests can sleep in space ships that have been carefully and thoughtfully designed © Twelve Parsecs

The house is available now to rent through Airbnb as well as the Loma Homes website. Besides hand-painted murals, custom-moulded 3D planets, and unique, handmade beds, the large property also has five character-themed bathrooms, while the bedrooms see guests sleeping in pod racers, clouds, ice beds and palatial four-poster beds. Visitors also have access to the Champions Gate Oasis resort, which has a water park, fitness centre, bar, movie theatre and two golf courses. 

Star Wars Bedroom
The property has nine bedrooms and five bathrooms © Twelve Parsecs

“We are brand new so it has been exciting to watch all of the attention on social media. The most rewarding part, however, has been the raving reviews from guests. There’s a few things that our guests usually talk about. The first thing they notice is the detail. Every room, every decoration, every bed has been planned and coordinated with excruciating detail,” Jeff Brown of Loma Homes told Lonely Planet.

More information on Twelve Parsecs is available at the official Loma Home website

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