Travellers can spend the night in one of ten heated domes located at the North Pole, allowing them to sleep under the stars in one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. The catch is that the domes will only be available to hire for one month, namely April 2020.

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Travellers can spend the night in one of ten heated domes located at the North Pole. Image: Luxury Action

North Pole Igloos hotel will open then because April is the only month in the year that guests can travel to the North Pole safely. It can be reached by helicopter in April and by ship in June and July, and only a thousand people make the journey annually. According to Janne Honkanen, founder of Luxury Action, which offers high-end, customised travel experiences in Finland, Lapland and other Nordic countries, the igloos can also be located at the glaciers at Svalbard – the archipelago midway between Norway and the North Pole - at other times of the year.

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The heated igloos have been tested in extreme Arctic conditions. Image: Luxury Action

The heated igloos have been tested in extreme Arctic weather conditions and have their own bathrooms. Their glass ceiling roof and wall allows guests to be at one with nature, and experience the Northern Lights. "Depending on weather conditions, we move the heated glass igloos to the safest places around the Arctic glaciers," says Janne, who also operates the five-star private wilderness Octola. "The North Pole Igloos hotel is movable and sustainable, but still a little extreme."

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The North Pole can be reached by helicopter in April and by ship in June and July. Image: Luxury Action

When the igloo hotel is located on the isolated Arctic tundra, it starts from €48,000 ($52,792) per person for a three-night stay. The North Pole option starts from €95,000 ($104,484) per person, which includes two nights at Svalbard, flights and all logistics between there and the North Pole, a night at North Pole in the igloo hotel, and camp manager, arctic wilderness guide, chef and security services.

For further information on North Pole Igloos hotel, see here.

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