If you dream of the final frontier and of exploring Mars, then the Design Museum of London might have the perfect opportunity for you to spend a night on the Red Planet (sort of).

A picture of the Mars bedroom guests will stay in with its 3D printed furniture
Guests will stay within the

The London Design Museum is currently hosting its Moving to Mars exhibition, which features all the technological innovations that will be needed for humans reach our closest space neighbour and the information we know so far about it. And within this exhibition, there’s also the possibility of winning “one Martian night at the museum.”

A picture of a Martian landscape on huge screens within the exhibition
The exhibit features all kind of information on Mars and on the technology needed to get a human crew there © Ed Reeve

One lucky winner and their guest will spend the night inside the exhibition, sleeping in a 3D printed Martian habitat and using specially-designed Martian gear like clothes and tools. It’s a chance to experience Mars without the eight-month-long journey, the cosmic radiations and the minor detail of the unbreathable air.

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The winners will also get a VIP tour of the exhibition and a chance to explore all of its interactive installations, as well as a luxurious space-themed dinner and breakfast. All you need to do to enter is decide what would your first words be if you were the first human being to set foot on Mars to be included in the draw  the winner will be selected randomly on 20 December, while the Mars sleepover will happen on 17 January 2020.

A picture of the Martian bedroom guests will be staying in
All you need to do to enter the competition is submit which words you'd say if you were the first human on Mars © Felix Speller

If you’d like to know more about the contest or the Moving to Mars exhibition, you can check out the Design Museum’s official page here.

This article was first published Dec 13, 2019 and updated Dec 17, 2019.

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