Spain’s gorgeous Andalucian gem Seville is scorching for much of the year, so you’d be forgiven for exploring its atmospheric medieval lanes in a slightly skimpier outfit than one you might wear elsewhere.

La Giralda bell tower in Seville. Image by ©S.Borisov/Shutterstock

But visitors to Seville Cathedral are going to have to make sure they comply with a strict new dress code after authorities at the Gothic masterpiece announced they were cracking down on barely-there outfits. Signs have been put up at the doors to this beautiful house of worship decreeing that hot pants and miniskirts are not allowed; nor are vests and tank tops or beach hats and baseball caps. Flip-flops are also on the veto list.

Tomb of Columbus in the Cathedral of Seville. Image by ©Hwa Cho Yi/Shutterstock

That means that if, like most visitors to Spain’s fourth-largest city, you want to scale the Giralda minaret-turned-bell tower or witness the tomb of Christopher Columbus, you’ll need to cover your shoulders and wear trousers or skirts that at least reach the knee. The stunning cathedral evokes Seville’s past as a Moorish capital and was built on the remains of the city’s main mosque; nowadays, it’s the city’s most-visited tourist attraction.

Tourists inside Seville Cathedral. Photo by Leisa Tyler/LightRocket via Getty Images

The cathedral website hammers home the new rules, with a message stating: “to preserve respect for the sacred character of the cathedral, we remind you that in the summer months it will be essential to comply with the rules of decorum in clothing. Dressing appropriately favours coexistence, cordiality and respect for the special sensitivity of visiting a cathedral. Please remove hats when entering and refrain from wearing beach shoes. Ladies will not be able to access the cathedral in vests and hot pants; men should not wear tank tops . Thank you.”

In addition to the new sartorial regulations, visitors are prohibited from shouting, running, smoking, eating or drinking within the cathedral.

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