Ain’t no party like a Scranton party, or so the song goes. But this fall, fans of The Office can head to Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, to see how the fiesta measures up for themselves. 

Scranton Electric City sign.jpg

Home to the American version of the comedy’s titular workspace, Scranton is the sixth-largest city in the state. Arguably, though, it didn’t enter the cultural consciousness until The Office’s NBC debut in 2005—and next month, the show that put it on the map is coming to town, when the touring production of The Office! A Musical Parody takes to the local stage. 

The Off-Broadway hit rolls into Scranton on September 26 and 27 with the tagline: “Singing! Dancing! Paper!” and that's just the beginning. Featuring a rotating cast performing in multiple roles, the play stars the TV show’s core crew and covers a multitude of memorable moments from the nine-season run, all set to a slate of original songs. Yes, “That’s what she said” is finally getting the musical treatment. 

Poor Richard's Scranton bar.jpg
You might not see the Dunder Mifflin crew if you stop in for a pint at Poor Richard's, but you can channel them all the same. Image by Lackawanna Convention and Visitors Bureau

Showtunes aside, there are plenty of Easter eggs to be found around town. While the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s branch office might not exist, many of the show’s other locales do, and an official self-guided walking tour hits the highlights. Try Alfredo’s Pizza Café—not to be confused with Pizza by Alfredo’s, a similarly-named fictional competitor with a far inferior product—to Poor Richard’s Pub, where the heavy-drinking Meredith is a regular. (A standalone bar on the show, in reality it’s set within a bowling alley.)

Scranton Sign with Office actress (Jan).jpg
Even the cast likes a selfie with the Scranton welcome sign. Image by Lackawanna Convention and Visitors Bureau

There’s Cooper’s Seafood House, the team’s go-to, for crab legs, peel-and-eat shrimp, and a gift shop with show-themed souvenirs, plus selfie opportunities by the Electric City mural or the Scranton Welcomes You sign, now housed at the local mall. You could even make a stop at Lake Scranton—though preferably without driving your car straight into the water, as bumbling boss Michael Scott did in the show’s fourth season. 

For more information and to purchase tickets for the musical, visit To download a map of the walking tour, see

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