If you love 90s nostalgia and would like to dive back into that decade’s unique vibes, then there’s an Airbnb apartment that’s made for you.

The Slater is the perfect place to stay if you're always looking to re-live the 90s. Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The Slater, located in Dallas, Texas, is a two-bedroom apartment perfect for anyone looking for some serious 90s vibes. As its name might suggest, its main inspiration is the iconic TV show Saved by the Bell— and of course, the focal point of the Slater is a faithful (if tiny) reconstruction of the Max restaurant from the series, with two bright red booths and a patterned table.

The Slater is, of course, named after iconic Saved by the Bell character A.C. Slater and it takes inspiration from the show's "The Max" restaurant. Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The apartment is also decked out in all kinds of 90s memorabilia, from the very first models of cellphones to a VHS station to watch your favourite movies, as well as an N64 console if you prefer playing video games instead. Everything you need to make that jump back in time!

The apartment has all the latest Nineties entertainment, including VHS and the N64. Photo courtesy of Airbnb

And if you ever want to go even further back, you’ll be happy to know that the Slater’s hosts, Jeremy and Kelsey, also have an apartment just below this one inspired by the 80s — of course, it’s called the McFly.

Up to eight people can sleep in the Slater, under the watchful eye of the Green Ranger in the corner of the bedroom. Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The Slater can host up to eight guests, and its price starts at around $160 (€144) per night. If you’d like to know more about the apartment or maybe book a stay, you can do at its listing on Airbnb here.

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