The spread of COVID19 has changed the way we live our lives. Industries that rely on people gathering together have been badly affected, with restaurants and cafés scrambling to offer take away and delivery options that adhere to social distancing guidelines. One interesting and unique idea has just been unveiled in Värmland, Sweden – an experience that sees a guest dining at a table for one and enjoying a three-course dinner in the middle of a meadow.

The idea came about when the founders Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson set up a table for Linda’s mother and served her outside so that they could be in her company and feed her safely. Due to open on 10 May, the restaurant will consist of one chair and table. Guests will dine without any direct contact with anyone, including wait staff. The food is delivered in a picnic basket tied to a rope that is cranked down from the restaurant’s kitchen window with the help of an old bicycle wheel.

© Bord for En / Visit Sweden food
The main course was inspired by a trip to Barcelona © Bord for En / Visit Sweden

“While being isolated it is easy to get bored or distract yourself with whatever comes flickering on a screen. Being isolated and spending time by yourself, doesn't necessarily mean spending time with yourself. Having the opportunity to flee from thoughts with an expensive phone in our hands, we hope that more people dare instead to turn to their inner thoughts. We want to celebrate that opportunity and gild it. We want to encourage people to sit down to spend quality time with themselves.”

 The diner will receive the meal by basket and all proceeds go to charity © Bord for En / Visit Sweden
The diner will receive the meal by basket and all proceeds go to charity © Bord for En / Visit Sweden

Dishes include Swedish-style hash brown with seaweed caviar and wood plucked sorrel, carrot-ginger puree with browned hazelnut butter and sweetcorn croquettes, blueberries, iced buttermilk and viola sugar. The menu is inspired by Rasmus’ travels, with the main course of croquettes being an homage to Barcelona

The price for a three-course menu is voluntary and something each customer decides for themselves. The restaurant will donate any proceeds to a “fund for creative moms” as set up by Rasmus, called Ulla-Britt Henrikssons kulturstipendie. 

More information, including how to reserve the table, is available at the official website.

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