When it comes to the unique, the obscure and the fantastical, nowhere is quite like Japan. Famed for its idiosyncratic take on food, nightlife, culture, art and accommodation, the country always surprises. In the latter category, travellers can choose from decadent hotel rooms fitted floor to ceiling with Hello Kitty merchandise, or sleek, futuristic capsule hotels. And now, a new trend is seemingly taking over that allows guests to stay in lodgings created inside former elementary schools.

Inside Ready to Flight! Narita a hostel inside an elementary school in Japan
A dormitory inside a former classroom © Ready to Flight! Narita

The latest offering is called Ready to Flight! Narita, a suitable name given the hotel’s proximity to the country’s main airport, which is just 9 kilometres away. The accommodation has been created inside the entire school building that was formerly the Kuzumi Daini Elementary School and boasts rooms for various purposes, including spacious dormitories and private rooms.

Ready to Flight hostel Japan.jpg
The front of the building © Ready to Flight! Narita

Images of the hotel show traditional Japanese futons laid out in lines on the floor of former classrooms, with the green blackboards and the shelving still visible. A simple self-catering area has also been created, while a round circular table has been installed inside the former library and acts as a space for meals, reading and social interaction. Keeping with the theme of a school, it also boasts a gym and a music room. The hotel also includes shared shower areas and washing and drying facilities, as well as free Wi-Fi. 

classroom ready to flight.jpg
The hotel still retains many elements of its former days as a school © Ready to Flight! Narita

Local sites include Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Ryushoin Temple and Daijionji Temple. The hotel is currently working on a cultural events calendar aimed not only for Japanese travellers, but for people from all over the world. Rooms cost 3000 yen ($27) per night for a dormitory stay and 4000 yen ($36) per night for private lodging. 

The hotel's library © Ready to Flight! Narita

More information is available at the official Ready to Flight! Narita website.

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