The travel time for trains between London and Bristol is set to get faster, which is good news for those travelling between the two English cities.

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Why these rail trips from London are about to get faster © Westend61/Getty Images

Great Western Railway is launching a new quicker service between London Paddington and Bristol on 16 December. As a result, journey times to other stations on the route, including Bath Spa, Chippenham, Swindon and Reading will also be shorter. The speedier journey is due to infrastructure improvements on the line and the introduction of new Hitachi Intercity Express Trains. The infrastructure improvements include investment in electrification, upgraded stations and improved signalling.

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It'll be quicker to get from London to Bristol by rail © Claudio Divizia/Shutterstock

The journey time between London and Bristol Parkway will now be reduced from 80 minutes to 68 minutes, and the trip from London to Bristol Temple Meads will fall from 98 minutes to 79 minutes. There will be more services, and the new timetable will also lead to quicker trips to South Wales, Hereford, Devon and Cornwall.

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The journey time between London and Bristol will now be reduced © lunamarina/Shutterstock

These new changes are the biggest to the network timetable since 1976. "This is great news for the West of England and will help people switch from cars to public transport, reducing congestion and improving the air we breathe," says West of England mayor, Tim Bowles.

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