Netflix has just premiered its first original African series. Queen Sono follows the titular character, an undercover secret agent played by actress Pearl Thusi, as she takes down criminal organisations while trying to uncover the secret behind her mother’s death.

A still picture from the series featuring the titular character Queen Sono
Queen Sono, starring the eponymous character, is the first Netflix original series produced entirely in Africa by an African cast and crew © Photo courtesy of Netflix

This is the first original African series from Netflix. Thusi is South African, just like Queen Sono’s writer and director Kagiso Lediga. The series also features dialogues in a variety of African languages, like Swahili and Zulu, and scenes shot in several African locations, showing off parts of the continent to viewers around the world. 

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If you want to plan a Queen Sono-inspired tour, then, you should start from South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, the main setting for the protagonist’s adventures. Several of the city’s townships make an appearance in the show, like Roodepoort, Sandton and Soweto.

A shot of the skyscrapers of Johannesburg's financial district
Johannesburg and its townships are the main settings of the series, but production also flew out to other African locations © Nataly Reinch / Shutterstock

But as Queen Sono flies around the continent, so did the series’ cast and crew - filming took place in Zimbabwe’s city of Harare, which acted as parts of Johannesburg within the series. There are also shots of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, and Lagos in Nigeria.

A beautiful shot of the beach in Zanzibar
The production also decided to use Zanzibar as the background for Queen Sono's adventures © MariusLtu / Getty Images

Queen Sono also takes the action to Zanzibar Town, the main city of the Zanzibar archipelago, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. If you’re interested in learning more about Queen Sono’s adventures or seeing these places on the screen, then the six episodes of the series’ first season are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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