It’s one of the best romantic comedies of all time, and one bar in Chicago is honoring it with a popup, starring themed drinks and decor for the next few weeks. 

The Shortage of Perfect Breasts cocktail alongside a jeweled tiara at The Sixth's As You Wish popup
As You Wish features

Now up and running, the Sixth cocktail bar’s As You Wish pop-up is a love letter to The Princess Bride, the Rob Reiner – directed classic that’s won innumerable hearts and minds since its release in 1987. The Lincoln Square space is decked from top to bottom with bejewelled tiaras, trailing flowers and vines, and romantic lighting, not to mention production stills,  life-size cutouts of the main characters, and quotes from both the original source material – the William Goldman novel of the same name – and the film adaptation. 

A pretty pink cocktail with a flower-embedded ice cube, with a flowering vine underneath
The Kissing Book combines gin with ginger, cherry, and cranberry tonic and a dash of "well who said life is fair?" © Sarah Zelman/The Sixth

Even more fun are the specialty cocktails from bar manager Dylan Seo and his team: 16 concoctions with clever monikers and ingredients that reference fan-favourite lines from the movie. To that end, the Inconceivable mixes tequila, Aperol, green chartreuse, and strawberry-jalapeño cordial with an optional oyster tincture, plus a chocolate-covered strawberry for good measure. (The chocolate coating makes it go down easier, of course.) 

The Inconceivable cocktail, served with a chocolate-covered strawberry
The Inconceivable comes with a chocolate-covered strawberry – the chocolate coating, as the film's fans will recall, makes it go down easier © Sarah Zelman/The Sixth

The Twue Wuve is a blend of mezcal, sherry, coconut, caramel-pineapple simple syrup, and blueberry foam, while the I’m Not A Witch, I’m Your Wife features gin, Strega, Cocchi Americano, chai bitters, and a Malört rinse (a local favourite). 

A cocktail with a stenciled heart on top
The Twue Wuve gets to the heart of the matter © Sarah Zelman/The Sixth

On the stirred side, the Shortage Of Perfect Breasts includes gin, aquavit, and sugar snap pea, and the Westley – named for Cary Elwes’s impossibly blond swashbuckling hero – is a blend of wheated bourbon, demerara sugar, Peychaud's bitters, and tobacco essence. 

A drink with an ice cube with a picture of André the Giant
​The custom art-filled ice cubes come courtesy of the bar's Clinebell machine © Sarah Zelman/The Sixth

“We wanted to find something romantic and nostalgic, and The Princess Bride is one of those timeless movies that reaches a wide fan base,” says Sarah Zelman, marketing manager of the Sixth’s parent company, the Fifty/50 Restaurant Group. “Everyone I mentioned it to seemed to have a visceral response, so we had a feeling it'd strike a chord.”

The As You Wish popup features hanging plants, cutouts of Westley and Buttercup, photos and quotes from the movie, and a special drink menu
The bar's interior has gotten a temporary makeover, with hanging plants, cutouts of the characters, and photos from the film © Sarah Zelman/The Sixth

The bar’s 55 seats are first-come, first served, with no accommodations for standing-room customers and a waitlist that goes into effect once the space reaches capacity. The pop-up will be open Tuesday through Sunday for the remainder of its run, ending March 22. 

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