It’s the ultimate question: If you won the lottery, what would you do with the cash? 

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Sustainable clothing company prAna is giving one lucky winner US$100,000 to quit their job and pursue their passion. Image by shellygraphy/Shutterstock

Well, it’s time to brush up on your best answer. From now through 16 September, sustainable clothing brand prAna is giving one lucky person US$100,000—just by pitching their fantasy dream job. “Personal growth often lies outside your comfort zone,” the company’s site says. “And sometimes, all you need is a friendly nudge to help you make that leap.”

To find the perfect candidate (who’s at least 21 years-old and a legal US resident), prAna is accepting short videos, one-to-three minutes long, that display passion, inspiration, and above all, an original story, told in an engaging way. You’ll want to discuss your current job—which you’ll have to be willing to quit if you win—and how you’d use the jackpot to get your new career off the ground. Personality is key, so be sure to showcase any talents you have (think: cooking demonstrations, bits of animation, or anything else that might set you apart from the crowd). 

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The promotion is intended to illustrate what positive change looks like on an individual level. Image by Jaris Ho/Getty Images

And don’t be afraid to swing for the fences: A panel of brand reps will pick the finalist based on passion, boldness, and originality. After the winner gives up the day job, they’ll be asked to share updates on their progress, funded by those 100 Gs—paid out in quarterly chunks of US$25,000. 

“The goal of this promotion is to spread our Clothing for Positive Change philosophy,” global marketing VP Jeff Haack said in a release. “By asking the question, ‘how can prAna help you affect positive change in your life’, we are giving our audience a means to share their stories about what positive change looks like for them.”

To look over the application and enter to win, visit

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